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We hope you will get to know us by reading through some of our posts!  We are a fun group who strive to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. Follow along here or just stop by.


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By Misty Girl, Aug 29 2018 07:12PM

Welcome Aboard Mates!

We are ready for you to bring us your repairs, re-upholstery projects, cover projects and shrinkwrap. There have been some mighty hot days, and this kitty cat is looking forward to the cooler weather.; maybe then my gorgeous coat will stop falling out all over the place. I mean, really, how is a gal supposed to look good when the weather makes her sleepy!

Ahh. Enough of that. I will now share my Zen kitty thought for Labor Day:

"I'd rather be a failure at somethng I enjoy than be a success in something I hate."

~George Burns

By Misty Girl, Dec 21 2017 04:29PM

Merry Christmas Friends!

Here we are again, another year almost over. By now we hope you have had your boats winterized and they, like you, are someplace warm, cozy or wrapped up tightly.

I have posted a few pictures of my extended family because this is the season for sharing and embracing differences. My person always says that we are put on the earth to help others; I embrace that idea all year round, but think that it is wonderfully manifested during this time of year as the "Christmas Spirit".

From all my friends at Four Seasons:

Practice random acts of kindness, embrace the joy that can be found in each day and most of all cherish the people around you and make sure they know it!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza or any other thng you might celebrate!

~Misty Girl

By Misty Girl, May 20 2017 06:32PM

Summer is almost here again! We have been busy with all kinds of covers, enclosures and upholstery for boats. I am very happy to see all of these wonderful customers and also to have them pet me. We hope that our closure for the Holiday weekend does not cause you any grief and that if you need something you will return when we are open.

Please remember those who have gone before on this marvelous holiday weekend.

Enjoy responsibly,

Misty Girl

By Misty Girl, Feb 2 2017 07:45PM

Hello to all of our wonderful customers!! Yesterday, the first day of February, Four Seasons celebrated its 12th Birthday. The time has flown by. As you can see from my picture, we are getting ready for the boat show; look at all the marvelous materials we can get to re-new your boat, car or RV. Makes me dream of longer, warmer days. (Even though that crazy groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter.) It will be here in a blink of the eye.

By Misty Girl, Sep 21 2016 08:39PM

Howdy Potential and Loyal Customers-

I have some sad news to relay. My brother, Sherwood, is no longer part of our team. His diabetes caused some neuropathy and even movement became to painful for him to bear. He's at peace now with all those other well loved mascots that have added joy to their owner's lives.

And so to the business of the day: IT'S SHRINKWRAP SEASON!!! Give us a call and schedule. Remember, we shrinkwrap here so that we can give you the best possible service. And if you store with us we will go out every snowstorm and remove the snow and take care of your boat as if it was our own. Hope to see you.

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